Sir please confirm job work sale for clothes shat d1 yes & no

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If the total material cost of secondary steel products @ BSL, Jharkhand, is Rs.30 lacs exclusive of VAT @ 4%, ED @ 8.24%, TCS @ 1%, and the buyer is registered under the Company's Act, 1956 in Bihar, and carrys VAT & CST certification but no ED registration, then what would be the proforma of purchase invoice ? And if the Buyer sells the above materials with the conversion charges or profit of Rs.5 lacs within Bihar, what would be the proforma of Sale Invoice ?

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Can we take back/rebate the excise duty which already paid on export sales? If yes, please guide me a procedure.

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What is entry tax

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if we have amc any vendor 25,000 pa. should we deduct TDS

2 Answers   MAHINDRA,

Salary A/c Dr (Gross) 10000.00 Salay payabe A/c Cr 9825.00 ESI Payable A/c Cr 650.00 ESI Employer Cont. Dr. 475.00 or Salary A/c Dr (Gross) 10000.00 Salay payabe A/c Cr 9825.00 ESI Payable A/c Cr 175.00 which is correct entry above entries ?

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What is the TDS percentage advertisement

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How to calculate Excise duty in manufacturing secoter.

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What is the limit to applicable the surcharge on TDS.

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Define Amortization & Impairment?

2 Answers   Deloitte, TR,

In Excise please mention Mandatory file which is to maintained(e.g PLA ;RG1;Rg23)

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what is F form E-I form and E-II form?

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what is the procedure for Delhi WCT payment , we have a registered office at mumbai and we have a branch at delhi for that renovation we have deducted WCT ,we have ur VAT and CST no for delhi branch do we need have additional registration for this payment

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