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how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking form

how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking fo..

Answer / naveen

redbus .com service

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What is the purpose of test plan in your project?

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Hi, I am planing to give ISTQB - Foundation level exam. Can anyone forward the ISTQB materials at mail ID.

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I say “End user can also be involved during system testing?” Do you agree with me? if Yes or No….Why ?

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A defect posted by another tester, and it is fixed, and that fixed bug has come to you for testing, and you don't know the functionality, what do you do ?

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How we will test ubercate

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What's Click-stream measurement tests

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Hi What are the toold used for Manual testing? what are the tools used for defects/bug trackeing in Manual testing? I would appreciate if you can give some examples. Thankyou Sunitha.

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what are 6 microsoft rules used for user interface testing?

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Principles of testing?

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Does the configuration management affect Testing? If yes, Explain about it?

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An employee table, with the columns id, name, sal and dob.Query to select emp names of all highest salaries(there are 4-5 people having the same salary which happens to be the highest).

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what is url testing

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