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if company is registered in West Bangal and goods are purchased from Maharashtra for export, and export will be done from Maharastra, then who can issue the H form?

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TDS Reimbursment? Iam 2 tipper owned small transporter and TDS diduct in my transport bills. can any body tell me how can i reimburse my TDS and what are the procedure for reimbursment and what are forms, papers to be required, tell me please.

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i received commission with deduction of tds how to take entry in my books. commission Rs.90000 Tds.10000

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compute income tax for the nett income of Rs 325560 In case of Individual Resident women Senior citizen Firm add education cess on the tax

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How to get the C form? If i am a registerd delear

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incase we sold to the goods to a indiviucal person to other state,but its claimed a form 'C' ?

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Basing on what we can made TDS payment

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what is TDS & CST ????????

2 Answers   PESPL,

tds can be applicable on haltage(late time unloading )

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What is FBT % for the F-Y (2008-2009). & A-Y (2009-2010)

2 Answers   Easiprocess, Tech Plus,

what is Input and Output

2 Answers   TATA,

In an E1 trasaction, if the dealer fails to get the E1form from his supplier& submit it to the Sales Tax Authority, then how much will be the expected penalty from Sales Tax department, if the local tax of those item is 14.5%? Please Note: Dealer has submitted all other documents to sales tax including customer Cform expect E1 form. Kindly give us the valuable answer with the supporting CST circular number.

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