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what is mean by debit purchase

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what is mean by debit purchase..

Answer / mohd bilal

debit purchase means that we purchase it or the goods are coming in. as we know that goods are assets we need to debit it.remember wheather the transaction is for cash bank credit always purchase account shows debit balance.

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what is mean by debit purchase..

Answer / selvam

Debit Purchase means Cash purchase

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what is mean by debit purchase..

Answer / jy

All kind of Cash and Credit purchase.

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what is mean by debit purchase..

Answer / shilpa

Debit purchase means non cash purchase.. like purchasing from debit card is a debit purchase.

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what is mean by debit purchase..

Answer / sam

A company that purchases debt from creditors at a discount. Debt buyers, such as a collection agencies or a private debt collection law firm, buys delinquent or charged-off debt at a fraction of the debt's face value.

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