Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration check 

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Which disease occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin "d"?

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What is dead volume ? If any impurity elutes before dead volume time what we can do ?

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what are arboviruses?

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Explain mumps?

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can any one give me the question bank for Lab Technician to appear for my HAAD exam . Please send me the Qs. my mail Id is abdullahraj10@yahoo.com Please help. thks.

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1.What is the effect of the OPTIONS statement ERRORS=1?

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Write short notes on following. Penicillin, antiseptic, artificial insemination, hydrophobia, cataract, memingitis, mumps

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What is the principal of particle size analyzer?brief explain instrumentation?

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what is the range of ftir as per usfda?

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What is gas sterilization?

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why do we choose hplc Or Gas chromatography for a sample analysis?

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plz send me previous model question paper for moh to my mail plz it's urgent my mail id is zeeta_lobo@yahoo.com

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