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what your view about-extra marital relationship ??

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Does being married mean that you can only work in the town ??

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How can you say that you are responsible? Give few incidents from your life to show that you are responsible ??

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if you have 10 days time at your disposal what would you do ??

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What is the current basic pay scale for clerical post in TN govt and how much will newly joined person get. Is there any increment will happen on yearly basis , it is good to join a graduate person in that post. please help me

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You are not fit for defence, what will you do now?

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Hi, I have passed HSC, then done Hardware & networking deploma but I want to do job in GOV..can I do in IT department in GOV..?

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what is the average salary of a cpf Assistant commandant??

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Hai Every body I also cleared the Federal Bank P O Exam..I know there would be somany people bother about their communication skills.. Even if we are highly skilled then also there is a chance to misunderstand the questions they would hav to ask.. So we can chat thru this community effectively and transfer our ideas ... if we do it in a serious manner we can become confident in our speaking skills. we can chat and help eachother,share the information.. I hav opened a new community in orkut named "interview helper" The community aims to help those who wants to improve their communication skills through textual chatting.. Am very much happy to invite u all ...

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upsc apfc

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why train accidents occur ??

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please suggest me books for jpsc

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The Official Secrets Act, 1923, is in conflict with: (1) the right to information (2) the right to reply (3) the right to correction (4) the right to free speech

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