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rents part of its building for a monthly fee of $1,250. The
rent for the month just past has not been received.

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What will be the Journal Entry for this? Purchases goods from vendor worth Rs.20000.VAT included 4%.

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what is the difference between an A/C Payee cheque and a bearer cheque?

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What is the difference between Balance Sheet and Fund Flow?

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Different types of payment methods

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How to show Airticket Expense on Company's A/c as Company expense

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Rent outstanding:2500

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What is meaning of cenvat credit please described in detail.

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How to make payment for single invoice and multiple invoices

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What is Capital Commitments means?

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Journalize the Following: 2. Monthly credit sales were $ 35,000 3. Received Cash receipt payments on Receivables in the amount of $ 10,000. 4. Customers’ cheque in the amount of $ 100 bounces and was re-deposited. Book both entries. 5. Material is bought on account for £ 100,000. The exchange rate is Four pounds to One Dollar. Then, later, merchandize is paid for. The exchange rate is Five pounds to One Dollar. Book both entries in Dollar when merchandize is bought and when it was paid. 6. Materials worth $ 20,000 was purchased on account and paid for with 1% discount. Book both entries. 7. Record the purchase of Direct Material on Account in the amount of $ 20,000. Half of it was for stock and the other half for a specific job order. 8. Record the disbursement of $ 1,000 raw material to shop floor for use on specific job

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what stock transfer applicable in sister concern unit.

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