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what is payment written

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Describe in brief introduction of Account.

2 Answers  

Where do we show "Dividend paid in FFS ,either in FFO or in FFS? what is teh concept behind?

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how to know i reconcilation statement in tall 9 and in reconcilation chq. details also.

2 Answers  

How entry of Dues bills [in which account] in Tally ?

3 Answers   IBM,

jv vouchers for salaries entries which reflect j.v's

1 Answers   Coslight, Genpact, HCL,

correction of sundry creotors

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1.Is deprciation a source of funds? How is it treated in calculatiing fund from operations? 2. What is standard costing? Ple. give its advantages. 3. What do you mean by solvency ratios. List two types of solvency ratios which are used by variuos firms. 4. What is objectives of Job costing? 5. Explain Brifly two capital budgeting technique using discounted cash flow criteria.

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what is difference between capital reserve n reserve capital?

3 Answers  

What is meaning of cenvat credit please described in detail.

16 Answers   Ferrari, Steelco Gujarat Ltd, Whirlpool,

which chart of depreciation copy for our Indian companies in sap(fi-aa)? please give answer. Thanking you, mohan

0 Answers   TCS,

Tell me what is the general classification of accounts that usually ledger account involve?

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Assuming you are at the office and a colleague criticizes u, how would you react?

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