how to calculate the TDS?

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how to calculate the TDS?..

Answer / ashvath

Taxable value X %(percentage)

Without Pan card applicable 20% on TDS deduction

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how to calculate the TDS?..

Answer / harendra kumar sinha

TDS is calculated on Gross Value as per given below rate

Contract Work:-
1) Company/Firm @2%
2) individual @1%

B) Technical Service
1) Company/Firm/individual @10%

Without Pan card applicable 20% on TDS deduction

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how to calculate the TDS?..

Answer / arman

Its Depend on The nature of the company also Nature of job..

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how to calculate the TDS?..

Answer / nagarjuanreddy

Under tax sops or based on this we have calucalte the TDS.
Ex: 80C,80CC etc.

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Hi Every One..For Payment of TDS under any section, Challan 281 is used. In Challan 281 there is two boxes having name Company & Non Company. What does it mean. I am working with Ltd. Company so while paying TDS which box shall I mark.

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I am a newly appointed consulting engineer to a coirporate infrastructure company.I am offered a consultation fee of Rs.!500000(fifteen lakhs) per annum. My question is for the purpose of working out the income tax what is the gross income.Is it the balance of the fee received less the service tax paid ?

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