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How to show Airticket Expense on Company's A/c as Company

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what is the responsiblities for accounts manager?

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dear sir,how to maintain petty cash book. its voucher and posting on cash book and ledger A/c?

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What is Capital reserve and Revenue reserve...? Any example would be highly appreciated.

5 Answers   SISA,

what is capital employed?

3 Answers   Capital IQ,

what is a grn in terms of accounting ? what is a grnthroughpo in terms of purchase order? what is a direct grn?

0 Answers   Emerson,

what is the t code for report of miro booking & fb60?

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1. The following data is available. Determine the Break Even point in Sales: Sales : $1,800,000/- Fixed Expenses : $ 375,000/- Variable Expenses : $ 1,200,000/-

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Tell me do you have any professional experience of this field?

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Can Minority Interest be negative or equal to zero?

1 Answers   IBM,

Explain me what do you think is bank reconciliation statement?

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under the modified cash basis of accounting, most revenues and expenses are recognized on the cash basis. Which one of the following items is an EXCEPTION to this accounting practice? a.Advertising b.Professional Fees. c.Supplies d.Rent

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if a company purchased cell phones for employees how to treat that expenses is it asset for the company under which ledger it will come pls tell me friends?

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