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What is difference between ach credit and the normal credit?

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Whate is Software Testing Methodologies

8 Answers   Codon Software,

Explain what is mr and what information does mr consists of?

0 Answers  

I. Policymaker II. Technical specialist III. Project manager IV. Software development manager The personnel listed above represent a partial list of candidates for the configuration control board (CCB). In addition to software QA and software CM, which of these personnel should be included on the CCB? 1. II and IV 2. II 3. II and III 4. I and II 5. I, II, III, and IV

2 Answers  

Whose level is higher in between QA, QC and tester and their role and resposibilities and job profile.

1 Answers  

Enlist some automation testing tools.

0 Answers  

When we should continue testing?

0 Answers   QA,

what is CAPA?when is root cause analysis done?

1 Answers   Ariel, Knorr-Bremse, NIIT,

What Winrunner framework did u use in ur organisation?

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How do you know that your test cases will meet the requirement that the client required for the application.

3 Answers   Engineering,

I want appear the ISTQB fundation level in june '08. For this i require previous question sets or glossaries.pls email me if any one have previous question sets or glossaries. my mail id is- Thanks jayanta

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How to test different Authorization levels for the Admin user and Userside users.

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What are the Qualities of a Tester?

5 Answers