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service tax calculated on agreement value or market value
whichver is higher for builders?

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advance received from customer what is the general entry

5 Answers  

Hello Sir, My Name is Shoaib, I am Novice in Accounting Field. I want to learn the simple & step by step, procedure to final my company account. Please Help

0 Answers   SK Accountant,

Accounting transactions are recorded in accordance with thier legal form or substance. Briefly explain the legal form and substance of the accounting transactions and give one relevant example.

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How Can We Differ Horizental & Vertical Balace Sheet? Explain.

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what is account payable

4 Answers  

In which condition a vendor raise excise invoice & what are the effect of excise invoice on client ?

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difference between debit notes and credit notes

1 Answers  

What are the characteristic features of financial accounting?

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Which kind of transactions are not recorded in the books of account?

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Name Financial Institutions available in Indian Industry to meet financial needs ? and their objectives ?

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what are the entry for payment of city bank credit card through hdfc bank in tally 7.2 ?

2 Answers