What is the procedure for publication of research papers in
Indian Journals & foreign Journals?Is it possible if any of
the authority of that Research Journal publish my research
paper by his name?In that case how to be safe from these

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how computer use for communication

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ek ias bannne ke liye student main kaun se qalities honi chahiye

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What is the time taken to reach a rain drop on to the earth surface, and what is the distance or height from rain drop start to fall to the earth surface?

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in case of broad band connector, where the data is being transferred thorugh OFC, during this course a light enery is created for carrying data, whether this light energy is created by broad band connect or it is created by virute of functions of the subscriber or not?

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which states in India are land locked?

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What is the procedure to apply research papers leading to get Noble Prizes? I have developed a new theory on Earthquakes and willing to get it published in some International Journals.Can any one guide me where and how to send my research papers for publications?

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which velocity is used to convert time section to depth section

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A cricket ball and a football are dropped simultaneously from the top of Qutub Minar. Which of the following best describes their subsequent behaviour?

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Explain Geo-Synchronous Point, and its speciality.

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Will the Shadow of an AIR PLANE fall over EARTH landspace while it is flying in AIR..? Yes/No .. Give a suitable explanation.. What is the Physical principle behind that?

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is chnook wind local wind or sesonal wind ?

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why can't we think out of this universe

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