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Bird is flying 120 km/hr between B to R. Two trains at B to R
at 60 kmph. The distance traveled by the bird
before it is killed?

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A father had 11 children's, He placed 11 Apples in a bowl and each child taken one apple but there is One Apple left in the Bowl ? How ?

2 Answers   CAT,

A software engineer can code on following terms , He would take 5 minutes to think 100 lines & 10 minutes to code these 100 lines. And after every 10 minutes he would take a break of 5 minutes. Find out the total numbers lines coded in 60 minutes.

3 Answers  

a number when divided by 10 leaves a reaminder 9 & when divid by 9 leaves reminder 8, when divided 8 leves remainder 7 is ?

1 Answers   Bharat Gears,

What is the full form of ESIC ?whatproportion of PF,ESIC,EDLi,TDS,BONUS,GRATUITY etc are been decucted from salary?

13 Answers   Aarkay, CCube Solutions, ESI, ESIC, Goramal Hariram, HR Capital Services, IBM, Neemrana Foods, PF, PF Enterprise, TATA, TDS,

1apple=5rs 20grapes=1rs 1banana=1rs no. Of fruits should be 100 and cost should be 100 how?

2 Answers  

what is Data replication and why is considered important for large database today?

1 Answers  

Find the least number which when divided by 25, 40 and 60, leaves the remainder 7 in each case

11 Answers  

why do you want to do mba? even if you are from science sector?

1 Answers  

which economic plan of india has the objective to achieve "growth with equity".

0 Answers  

What is the differnce between software industry and IT industry?

2 Answers   Infosys,

Why do you want to do MBA?

27 Answers   IIPM, Infosys, Wipro,

find the common ration of 2:3 and 4:5 ?

1 Answers