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how to calculate the provision for doubtful debtors?

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which type of reasonning question are asking in exam of CAT?

1 Answers   CAT,

The stock investment and opening stock of a company are Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. Calculate its closing stock

0 Answers  

Who is the present attorney General of India?

2 Answers  

i am preparing for gate so pls ans me how i passed this

0 Answers  

What is the differnce between software industry and IT industry?

2 Answers   Infosys,

Imagine that ten years from now a colleague is describing you to a new employee. What will s/he say about you that you are not known for now? How will you achieve these new skills?

0 Answers   Atos Origin,

What is the full form of ESIC ?whatproportion of PF,ESIC,EDLi,TDS,BONUS,GRATUITY etc are been decucted from salary?

13 Answers   Aarkay, CCube Solutions, ESI, ESIC, Goramal Hariram, HR Capital Services, IBM, Neemrana Foods, PF, PF Enterprise, TATA, TDS,

who said , " give me somewhere to stand and i will move the world"

1 Answers  

Hi all.. Im going to attend the Bank Probationary Officers Exam. So pls suggest me the best book for the preperation and practise as well.. Thank you

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

The characters of the c program to receive input from and send to function, this function will check if the characters between letters a to z as y is the output characters to the main function and otherwise, return to the main function of the y characters.

0 Answers  

if cost price of 10 orange is equal to 1 kg of apple and cost price of 1 kg of apple is equal to 12 apple and sales price of 15 orange is equal to 1 kg of apple then sales price of 1 kg will be equal to how many apples

0 Answers  

in a year once,in a month two,in a week four, in a day six times?

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