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contempt of court places a restriction on?

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0 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

What is the difference between UCP 600 & ISBP ?

0 Answers   Baidu, TCS,

model paper for law assistant

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Help, what is a district court administrator's role and responsibility?

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what is non tax audit & due date for & if return is not filed within due date then

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Generally civil law requires much more paperwork with respect to filing, document production, motions, etc. Shall you explain about your writing experience and skills?

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Are the Sub-contractors are exempted from paying of Service tax where main contractor is exempted.

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What is the Difference between Excise & Cenvat

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Name the president of constituent assembly ?

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Computers purchased for personnel use not for sale from other state. Can I provide C form

1 Answers   Cadbury, FMCG,

SIR, our client is carrying business It is a ASSOciation of individuals.Can you say whether it is a AOP or doubt is that AoP includes persons for a common purpose But according to I>T act PERSON includes individuals also

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Can a OBC reserve person who applied for OBC reserve post selected on open post without his consent

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