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what is the rate of WCT and surcharge in haryana when the
payer is registered under Lumsum contractor

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iob punchline is what?

0 Answers   Yahoo,

How much is the minimum marks for CIVIL judge interview in MPPSC. where i can get rules in this regard documented?

2 Answers   MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, Sail,

what is valid cell

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why there is a difference in depreciation rate as per companies act & as per income tax act? i know the treatment but want to know why there is a difference?

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You are request to reply these quieries, are below mentioned statement are true? (1) Deduction in respect of maintenance including medical treatment of a dependent who is person of disability shall be allowed to a non resident in India. (2) Only 35% of income from growing and manufacturing of rubber is liable to tax. (3) A business loss can be setoff against income from speculation business but loss in respect of speculation business can only be set-off against income of another speculation business. (4) Remuneration received by Member of Parliament are taxable under the head “profit and gains from business or profession. (5) Zero coupon bond shall be treated as “short term capital asset” if held for more than 12 months but not more than 36 months.

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What is forfeiture and lean of shares, acc to companies Act ? Plz let me know!!!

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What is your alternative career, if law not be the avenue for you?

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what is the full meaning of LLB

8 Answers  

What do you understand by the rule of law?

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if we have purchsed FMS/VKGUY or SHIS against C form entry tax is applicable on it in M.P.

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company definition

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after retirement, a judge can undertake private practice of law in

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