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now i am doing my BE final year.i want to become an brake
inspector,i didn't know about in which category it is under
coming either group1 or group2?

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hai this is gopi,i have written group-1 main's in aug-2008.can any body know when will the results of main's will be announced.Atlease when will be the reserved judgment of supreme count will dispose.plz help me.

3 Answers  

Where can i buy STUDY MATERIAL to prepare for GROUP I EXAMS in HYDERABAD ?

24 Answers   Assistant Commandants, Comcast, Group 1 i, IDPL, Satyam, SHA, Tech Mahindra, Wipro,

what is the status on group 1 mains results

3 Answers  

when is preliminary exam?

5 Answers  

1.Does the screening test or prelims have negative marking? 2.In paper-1 candidates should write three essays , how many words should each essay be?

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How i will have Govt job So for what i am going to do, what should i prepare for TNPSC group exams

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how can i see my marks of group1 prelims result?

1 Answers   Reliance,

TO ALL THOSE EXPERIENCED IN GROUP 1 EXAM Hi, Can anyone tell me approximately how much time gap APPSC would give for Prelims exam once the last date of application form submission is over? One more query: Can anyone tell what would be generally the time gap between prelims and mains? Kindly answer me. I just have applied for Group 1 exam and the application submission ends 1st Sep 2009.

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sir i want group1 metiral and previous papers

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if its really true that it takes nearly 2 - 3 years to get into job after successfully getting selected in APSPSC group 1?

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i got 65 marks in group 1 prilims i will qualify the exam for mains

2 Answers