What are the known problems with the ATL 2.0 Object Wizard?

What are the known problems with the ATL 2.0 Object Wizard?..

Answer / abhijit sukale

The ATL 2.0 Object Wizard might not be present in the
Component Gallery. The ATL 2.0 Object Wizard is not
installed by the main ATL 2.0 setup program (Atlinst.exe).
It requires a separate setup program. You need to download
and run the ATL 2.0 Object Wizard Technology Preview
(Objinst.exe) from the ATL Web page. There is a separate
ZIP file for Windows NT 3.51.

The ATL 2.0 Object Wizard may crash if an older version of
Oleaut32.dll is installed on the system. Make sure the
version of Oleaut32.dll is at least 2.20.4049. The latest
version is available for download at the Internet Explorer
3.x Web site. If this does not fix the problem, then
install Service Pack 2 for Windows NT 4.0.

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