What is Difference Between Server.Response and
Response.Redirect in ASP.Net with C#?

What is Difference Between Server.Response and Response.Redirect in ASP.Net with C#?..

Answer / narendran

The data transfering between two page will be more differ on server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect().


Server.Transfer() helps the one less round trip. The main advantage of this transfer the first page to second page with better performance. The data can pass through variables, query string and also can retrive from the previous page control value.

Eg: Server.Transfer("Default.aspx");


It is very similar to server.Transfer. The main difference is the posted pervious page values can't be accessable. Here also the data can pass through server variables and query string. It simply redirect the page from one page to another.

Eg: Response.Redirect("Default.aspx")

Note: But the pervious page values can't be accessable by Response.Redirect().

By the Following code setup attachement, This concept will be more understandable. Make use of it.

for code:

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What is Difference Between Server.Response and Response.Redirect in ASP.Net with C#?

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