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Should the law be based on morality?

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who ic vice president of India

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What are the legislations framed to regulate Public Utility services such as railways,electricity,cooking gas,transports,postal & telegraphic sectors?

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what is the full form of poto, tada, and gujkok

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can an outsider put a criminal case against members of the cooperative society on personal ground though matter of the society where each member is not paid by the society and does voluntary service , secondly can the police call each and every member after getting bail from the magistrate be called by the police at any time without any proper questions being asked by the police every now and then since in the bail it is written that the police can call the members at any time for interrogation, after going for interrogation one finds that there were no questions asked . thirdly have they to report to th epolice every time they go out of india

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What is your view on commercial law firms?

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Why do we bother with environmental protection?

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I done my post graduation in Criminal Justice from Andhra University and also Trained in APPA (Andhra Pradesh Police Academy, Hyderabad)Can anybody guide me what would be the best career? Very much interested in Media side or Investigations.

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what are Real Eastes

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2 Answers   Prakash Industries,

When does the state have the right to violate privacy?

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Sir, My client A is doing job work on piece rate basis for B a establishment in Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and .His labour are working in Baddi Himschal Pradesh. and the payment was made to A after confirmation from the Quality confirmation department of the establishments and calculated on piece rate basis. Here B is exempted from excise duty from Excise. A has done work up to Feb, 2016t , 2009 nearly Rs15 - 20 lacs in total up to date . he is not charge any Service Tax. Pls advice in this case service tax is exempted if job work is done in excise exempt unit. Pls confirm in this case service Tax is exempted or not. If not exempted the then what amount b has to pay service tax.

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Name the Types of Guarantee

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