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What is the SAP Account?

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Salaries and wages per general ledger is 288,000 of which 56,500 is paid in advance. Req: Prepare adjusting journal entries from the books of audrey company as of dec 31 09. (pls help me with this, I'm a bit slow but willing to learn, thanks!)

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how to account pre incorporation expenses

4 Answers   Nestle,

Is it legal for an organization to keep two sets of accounting records; one for tax and one for book? Why or why not?

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what is contigent liability and where we shown in balance sheet

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what are the nationalised banks?

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what is journal entry for cash received

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what is meant by deferred revenue expenditure?

3 Answers   Genpact,

who is debtor and creditor?

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Z=52,act=48 then bat will be equal to

1 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

what is the relationship between bookkeeping and accounting?

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what role did you play in collections?

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Ledger Enteries

0 Answers   Chartered Accountant,