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list out four public documents filed with roc which are
public documents can be reviewed.

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whether societies comes under corporate or non corporate company?

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To what extent did the NSA revelations impact on the British public?

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what would be your major contribution if you get this job?

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what is Cyber Crime and IT Act

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The smallest number which is divided by 9, 12 and 16, each time 5 remains. The number is

0 Answers   BHU,

one of my foreigner friend's father died in car accident,he had a sum of $4700000 forty seven lakh us dollar with nomine my partner now no body is there to look after her that and she wants to transfer all this money in my account so that she can join me in India freely,so please advise me about the circular of law and banking,i have no idea about that.

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When does the state have the right to violate privacy?

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What are the penalties if the director of Company is bringing the cash of Rs. 10,00,000/- into the company for its preoperative expeses as unsecured loan.

0 Answers   ANM Associates,

How many seats are there in the assam legislative assembly ?

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Fill in the blank Companies act----------

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What are the fundamental differences between US and British Law? What are the implications of this?

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Where do you plan to do your legal practice course (and/or gdl)?

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