Dear sir i need central bank of india clerical grade last
three year question papers. Kindly forward to my email id

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Abhays age after three years will be three-seventh of his fathers age . ten years ago ,the ratio of their ages was 1:5 . what is Abhays fathers age at present ?(*** plz give explanation also***)

5 Answers   CAT,

i am preparing for gate so pls ans me how i passed this

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Who is the present attorney General of India?

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Hi frnds, can u suggest me good institutes in vizag for GROUP1?

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all cat related question

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A father had 11 children's, He placed 11 Apples in a bowl and each child taken one apple but there is One Apple left in the Bowl ? How ?

2 Answers   CAT,

which economic plan of india has the objective to achieve "growth with equity".

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Find the least number which when divided by 25, 40 and 60, leaves the remainder 7 in each case

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in 100m race, A beats B by 10m and B beats C by 20m.By how much distance A beats C.

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difference between obc and nc-obc

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Multiply all the integers from -4 to +4. The product obtained is

3 Answers   Ignou, Oil India,

what is Data replication and why is considered important for large database today?

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