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Capacity monitoring software is used to ensure:

A. maximum use of available capacity.

B. that future acquisitions meet user needs.

C. concurrent use by a large number of users.

D. continuity of efficient operations.

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Capacity monitoring software is used to ensure: A. maximum use of available capacity. B. that ..

Answer / guest

Answer: D

Capacity monitoring software shows the actual usage of
online systems versus their maximum capacity. The aim is to
enable software support staff to ensure that efficient
operation, in the form of response times, is maintained in
the event that use begins to approach the maximum available
capacity. Systems should never be allowed to operate at
maximum capacity. Monitoring software is intended to prevent
this. Although the software reports may be used to support a
business case for future acquisitions, it would not provide
information on the effect of user requirements and it would
not ensure concurrent usage of the system by users, other
than to highlight levels of user access.

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Capacity monitoring software is used to ensure: A. maximum use of available capacity. B. that ..

Answer / priyanka tripathi

D. Continuity of efficient operations

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