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Hi I would like to ask a general question, I finished my
post graduation(arts)a long back say 2000. I have a diploma
in IT. And I have completed a course in testing(2010). What
are my chances of getting a job in testing. I really have an
apitude for testing and if given an opputunity I will do
well. But I have been sent away after apitude tests which I
know I did well(3 or 4 might have gone wrong), hr rounds.
Can u tell me if I will get a job at all. Really I feel very
let down. Give suggestions that will work thanx

Hi I would like to ask a general question, I finished my post graduation(arts)a long back say 2000..

Answer / venkatramreddyg

To be frank am saying you that your option is good,But first
you have to improve your communication skills, then its
better if you write test cases for any one of total
Project..and you mentioned that completed PG in 2000 year i
think its too long gap for Education and job.. so its better
if you have any reference employer,Bcoz in the market so
many Fresh Technical Graduates are there.. All The Best...


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