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why we should hire you?

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / neha bharadwaj

i love helping people by bringing smile on their faces by my
hospitality in the best possible way.i can work with team
i m patient and i can add value to the organisation by my
consistent performance and also i believe in speaking
through my action.

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / divya

each 1 of here is qualified its abt makin a
difference 2 this organisation that i believe i can......

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / kingshuk bose

i have the quality and some very good working experience
under my belt which caters myself to get a job in your

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / maevolle

if u hire me...i can assure you that im a
hardworking,willing to do my job very well..and i have a
potential to work with your company,i know how deal
customer service to give satisfaction to the customer to
help them what they want...

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / wasna

Because the person who is joining the organization is well
qualified having motivational abilities and so on.

Other thing i wana say that if we cant hire new graduates
then how they cn get experience? because in every job firm
want highly experienced persons.

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / t.premjit

As I am the part of the organisation and put my effort for
the future prospects

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / hemant sharma

i have the attitude which is more important than any fact n
calibre. i assure you that i will proved to be an
indispensable asset by giving my best.

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / sandepan

because I am hard worker camperigen to all and I have good

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / manish sharma

I m always hard worker & try to deliver my skills &an
authentic performance

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why we should hire you? ..

Answer / arun ajay

because i have a job satis that i see smiles on guests face
it something like a reward to me so as well i got my
education that is suitable for the hotel industry

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