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When will a constructor executed?

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When will a constructor executed?..

Answer / ssss

When ever object is created.

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When will a constructor executed?..

Answer / rahul

When an object create means suddenly construtor get executed

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When will a constructor executed?..

Answer / preeti

Constructor execution is depend on its type like,

1) inbuilt or default construtor, no parameter constructor
are executes whenever object creates.

2) parameterized constructor execute whenever it calls.

3) base class constructor execute before than child class
constructor(child class is derived from base class

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When will a constructor executed?..

Answer / priya

Constructor gets called when we create an object,or when we
allocated memory using new operator:

void main()
test *t = new test;
delete t;

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When will a constructor executed?..

Answer / poorna chandar rao

when ever object is created automatically (conncurently
)construcor also executed

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