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What is the meaning of client-server application. The
purpose of Client-Server Application. with description.

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how many languages .net is supporting now?

4 Answers  

3 members in a we read 3 members without using ovrdbf.using rg pgms....

0 Answers   CTS,

can we allocate memory for interface? if no then why?

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What is the difference between windows 98/2000/XP Operating Systems?

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Given a arbitrary pointer to an element in a singly linked list?what is the time complexity for its deletion .

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In staad pro, how can we design ROOF SLAB?

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1Q) your current CTC (current taking currency)? 2Q) Your take home salary?(Monthly Drawing amount, According to your payslips/bank statement) 3Q) Your Expected CTC? 4Q) Your home take salary?

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What is procedural oriented language language..? give some examples of this language....?

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hi..this is kartheek..complted mca in 2009..but i dont have knowledge in programing..but to learn new language.. which one is suitable for me?is SAP or IBM mainframes is suitable for me..?if it suits how much will it costs..?pls answer...

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how CLR identify vb file?

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how we define two jobs have same name??is it exist??

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why we need to take u?

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