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Where the Cost of labour, Material used and sales scrap (if sales given)get effect in balance sheet

0 Answers  

What is a cash flow statement

12 Answers   Capital IQ,

Decrease in the amount of Creditors result in 1.Increase in Cash 2.Decrease in Cash

6 Answers   Infosys, SET Exam,

what is the difference between Purchase order and invoice

7 Answers  

Anyone whose sbi interview has been over , please share all the question asked by them

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What is Deffered Tax?

11 Answers   Ashoka Distillers and Chemicals, Capital IQ,

what is journal and ledgers ?

16 Answers   Banking, Bhel, ICICI, Prolect,


9 Answers   IBM, State Bank Of India SBI,

Ratio Analysis with its Ratios

8 Answers   Bank Of America,

Expand ________DIPP

4 Answers  

Expand ________ABAP

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Ram retired from partnership. The partners with mutual consent agreed to put the capital balance as on the date of retirement as loan to the firm @ 18% pa. The credit balance to his capital account was Rs 325000/- Pass necessary entry

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