Which statement about the data link connection identifier
(DLCI) is true?

A. It is a number that identifies a local virtual circuit in
a Frame Relay network

B. It is a signaling standard between the CIDE device and
the Frame Relay switch

C. It is the clock speed (pod speed) of the connection
(local loop) to the Frame Relay Cloud

D. It is the Maximum number of uncommitted bits that the
Frame Relay switch will attempt to transfer beyond the
Committed Information Rate (CIP)

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Which statement about the data link connection identifier (DLCI) is true? A. It is a number that..

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Answer: A

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Which statement about the data link connection identifier (DLCI) is true? A. It is a number that..

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Ans : A


1) It is identify the Virtual Circuit.
2) Frame Relay determine destination based on DLCI value

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