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What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches?

A.) They forward the frame before it is completely read.

B.) They work at wire speed.

C.) They are the same a Cut-Through switching.

D.) They read the entire frame and check CRC before forwarding.

E.) They decrease latency.

What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches? A.) They forward the frame before it is c..

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Answer: D

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Which command should you use to create an IP standard access list? A. access-list standard B. access-list 1 deny C. access-list 100 deny D. access-list 198 deny

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GUY i Have attended one interview for the data craft and they are offering me L1 postion and i am working at l2 in cisco so there is no way to get in the datacraft i am posting here the question he asked to and i have tested the interviewer and i come to know he was not having any knowledge. His questions are-: 1) what is Vlan 2) what is stp and what is difference between stp and RSTP 3) what is HSRP and Diffrence betwwen HSRP and GLBP 4) how to configure HSRP 5) Scenario Based question ( if we have two router and both are connected and there are having redundancy means two interface of the router r1 is connected to the two interface of Router R2 (R1)-------------(R2 (R1)-------------(R2 Now he want to configure the router in such a Manner that if one link down second link should come up.My answer was HSRP and his is "F looting static routing was i wrong "i know F looting Static routing is Theoretically possible but it is not fusible in the scenario where you have multiple router connected to the same router and if you have configured sub interface i challenged him and he lost The Battle and he get angary 5) what the eigrp and how it works 6) tables in eigrp 7) the information of feasible successor where it saved now after answering these all he was very angry ( i can fill the heat) 8) then he come to ospf Area type ( he was also not aware) 9) LSA type and its working ( he was also having confusion ) 10) then is asked routing by rummer( Theroy) 11) hello and dead intervel of EIGRp (theory) 12) Selection cretaria for Eigrp slecting best path ( here we have a long discussion on MTU and he lost the battle and agree That MTU never comes in the accounts in this process) 13) what is ACL type of acl ( here he was aware of TWO type Standard and extended i have told him 5 type( he again get Angry) We have 2hr of discussion and and he told me he will call me latter but i know he never call

1 Answers   IBM,