Which of the following is used to manage and monitor the



C.) IP


Which of the following is used to manage and monitor the network? A.) SNMP B.) HTTP C.) IP..

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Answer: A

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How do you view the routers current processor utilization? A.) show version B.) show processes cpu C.) show running-config D.) show startup-config E.) show cpu F.) show utilization

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Identify the length of an IPX address and it's components? A.) 80 bits, 48 bits network and 32 bits node B.) 32 bits, 16 bits network and 16 bits node C.) None of the above D.) 80 bits, 32 bits network and 48 bits node

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What is the IEEE specification for Spanning Tree Protocol? A.) 802.9 B.) 803.ud C.) 803 D.) 802.1d

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What is an advantage of local area network (LAN) segmentation? A. smaller collision domains B. elimination of broadcasts C. decreased cost of implementation D. larger number of users within the same domain

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What is link aggregration?? How many types of protocol are used on that???

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any body can send me CCNA voice simulator practice exam software.

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Which command would configure Interface E0 with an IP address of using a Subnet mask of ? A.) ip address B.) ip address /24 C.) ip address mask D.) ip address mask ff:ff:ff:0 E.) that is an invalid mask for a class 'A' address

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Hi Guys i hv one confusion. Need u peoples help. In EIGRP, maximum hop count is up to 255. By default only 100. Now question is - a) Suppose i hv a network consist of 115 routers & EIGRP routing protocol is configured. By default hop count is 100, so is there any manual configuration necessary for hop count ya router will automatically detect the hop count & will update the hop count accordingly..????? b) In EIGRP, Bandwidth & Delay is used to calculate metric. For this Metric weight is set to K1(Bandwidth)=1, K2(Delay)=0, K3(Reliability)=1, K4(Load)=0, K5(MTU)=0 Now i want, Bandwidth & Load is used to calculate metric. For that wat i hv to configure & wat wub the metric weights. Cud anyone explain it plzzzz..!!!!

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what is bgp i have ansered all of them except mpls while i am working on it but i donot have threotical concepts on it the told me that they are keeping me on hold let try urs knowledge all the best

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Which layer is responsible for framing? A.) Application B.) Data Link C.) Physical D.) Network E.) Transport

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The benefits to segmenting with Bridges are which of the following? A.) Scalability B.) Datagram filtering C.) Manageability D.) Reliability

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Define logical topology.

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