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What is the difference between LDOM nd zones

What is the difference between LDOM nd zones..

Answer / gopi

Logical Domains (LDoms or LDOM) is the server virtualization
and partitioning technology.
Sun Logical Domains or LDoms is a full virtual machine that
runs an independent operating system instance and contains
virtualized CPU, memory, storage, console, and cryptographic
This technology allows you to allocate a system resources
into logical groupings and create multiple, discrete
systems, each with their own operating system, resources,
and identity within a single computer system.
We can run a variety of applications software in different
logical domains and keep them independent of performance and
security purposes.

A zone is a virtual operating system abstraction that
provides a protected environment in which applications run.
The applications are protected from each other to provide
software fault isolation. To ease the labor of managing
multiple applications and their environments, they co-exist
within one operating system instance, and are usually
managed as one entity.

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