How to solve "The SQL Server service failed to start. For
more information, see the SQL Server Books Online topics"

How to solve "The SQL Server service failed to start. For more information, see the SQL Serve..

Answer / saef-allah

Struggled with this one for 2 days and went through tons of
forums till I found this one:

SokSa.Icy had the right idea.

My particular problem also involved going through the
registry to remove all instances of Visual Studio 2008 as
well as a .Net 3.5 hotfix that I could not get rid of.

Once I uninstalled and did everything this guy did, I also
went through the registry and searched/deleted all
instances of the framework hotfix to get it out of the
add / remove dialog box in control panel.

I also used wise registry cleaner to make sure I got all
inconsistencies out of the way, rebooted, and
installed .net 2.0 Express.

After a successful installation, I rebooted again and ran
sql server 2005 express installation and presto - back in

God Bless the user forums on the Net - Microsoft would have
made a bundle off us by now in tech support fees...

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