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what is the Differed Tax Liability & How it is calculate ?

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what is an assets?

6 Answers   WNS,

what is difference between share and equity

2 Answers  

What accounting Treatment we should do while we received Amount Rs 39200 After deducting Tds 800 From Invoice Amount 40000. Kindly also explain for deducting Tds should be booked under which Head of Tally.

4 Answers  

what is groups and and ledgers in tally can you give why we need to prepare them

0 Answers   L&T,

How to charged TDS on salary and How many charged percentage?

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what is rate of service tax for construction co?

1 Answers  

for an employee in receipt of hostel allowance for his three children,the maximum annual allowance exempt u/s 10 (14) is

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what is accounting?

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what is revenue recognition rule, and can you specify the answer.

0 Answers   Consero Global,

What is difference between debit note and Proforma Invoice

3 Answers   ICA,

Kindly tell me some journal entry of provision . 1) Make provision for Rs 100 teliphone bill on 31 March 2010. 2) teliphone bill received Rs 150/- on dated 10 Apr 2010. What will be journal entry for both case in tally.

11 Answers   Goldman Sachs,

The following are the list of Balances of SUNSHINE Company as at 1.2.2012 RM Land and building 450,000. Furniture and Fittings 35,000. Office Equipment 25,000. Motor Vehicles 75,000. Inventory 5,000. Trade Receivables 12,000. Trade Payables 8,000. Bank Loan 200,000. Bank 13,000. Cash in Hand 1,000. Capital 408,000.

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