audit under section and penalty under saction scurtiny
under saction

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What should an organization expect from me?

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we received from chq from particular to make entry in tally9.0? And Particular firm under which group.(Sundry debtor or sundry creditor?

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What is mean by assets

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example wrongly financial statments showing vat refund (under Advances) for the finanical year 08-09 , but present assement year after assement by cto given vat refund more than ledger showing balance then decided to every month set off vat payable to vat refund(advance) but more than recoverd compare with company and cto then what is the entry to be take.

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a person took Rs. 100000 for 5 years at the rate of 10%.He deposits rs. 10000 in first and second year.Third year he deposits rs 30000, forth year deposits rs 40000. Then final year how much he should deposit?

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What is investment banking?

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wate is the TDS

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Explain the Steps to Define Invoice Batches

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accounting principles, accounting concepts,meaning of managment and financial accounting and cost accounting.

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6. What is the amount of Simple Interest on $ 1,500 for 90 days at 6% interest (year is 360 days)?

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What is personal account?

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How do you add/remove a payment block for particular invoice ?

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