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audit under section and penalty under saction scurtiny
under saction

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Explain the Accounting Equation?

1 Answers  


0 Answers  

If we started new project of Housing with Construction linked payment plan . How can booked our revenue or Sales .

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What is the entry pass if we are given to advance for employee?

5 Answers  

how to prepare balance sheet , p and l account ,

13 Answers  

At the time of advance tds deducted 2% contract which was wrong but when we adjusting the adavace tds deducting 10% rent how can we adjusting that amount

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what are the adjustment entries?

2 Answers   emc2,

Purpose for maintained RG 23a Part II & RG 23c PArt II? give brief discussion....

2 Answers   TCS,

Outstanding Expenses are the examples of

4 Answers  

Tell us what is your proudest accomplishment?

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wages,conveyance,hra,spl allowance,P.F,& ESI payable journal entry?

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"Why do you want to leave your current employer?"

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