audit under section and penalty under saction scurtiny
under saction

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what is defference between direct and indirect ezpences

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What is process of Vendor Reconciliation and which items will be Add and Less from ad per customer books likes step by step 1-Credit Note shown in vendor a/c but not booked in our a/c- Add or Less 2-Debit Note not shown in vendor a/c but booked in our a/c - Add or Less 3-Invoices not booked in our a/c but shown in vendor a/c- Add or Less 4-Payment booked in our books but not shown vendor- Add or Less If our balance is plus or minus rules is same. like 20000, (-20000) Sir, Provide your mobile n for clarify

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which are the final entries while closing of books and account at the end of financial year ?

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what is accounting rules

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what is retention? how caculate on asset

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what is eps

10 Answers   FactSet Systems,

what is the difference between contra entry and double entry?

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on 02/05/2013 issued a cheque to third eye ltd of Rs.14000/- in full and final settlement against the due on amount

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what is the format of salary slip when basic , D.A.H.R.A. ,conveyance allowence , concluded and in deduction part P.F. E.S.I. & P.Tax.

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what is the difference between TDS & TCS? Note:- Plz don't tell the ful form of tds & tcs

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please give me information about h form and c form used for which items?

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