You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are

running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot communicate with your

router. What is the likely problem?

A. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation.

B. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.3 encapsulation

C. Cisco routers only work with NetWare 3.11.

D. NetWare 3.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation.

You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot ..

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Answer: A

The default encapsulation on Cisco routers is

Novell Ethernet_802.3 and NetWare 3.12 and later defaults to
802.2 encapsulation, 3.11 and earlier defaults to 802.3.

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