"snap" is used by the Cisco IOS for which encapsulation


A. Ethernet_SNAP

B. Token-Ring_SNAP


D. Novell-SNAP

E. Novell-FDDI.

"snap" is used by the Cisco IOS for which encapsulation types? A. Ethernet_SNAP B..

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Answer:: A,B &C

Novell's IPX and Cisco's IOS name their

protocols differently. Cisco uses sap for Ethernet_802.2,

Token-Ring, and Novell's FDDI_802.2. Cisco uses snap for

Ethernet_SNAP, Token-Ring_SNAP, and FDDI_SNAP. Cisco uses

arpa for Ethernet_II and, finally the default is

Novell-ether for Novell's Ethernet_802.3.

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