To monitor ipx traffic on a network, what command would you use?

A. debug ipx transaction

B. show ipx traffic

C. show ipx events

D. display ipx traffic

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Answer / guest

Answer: B

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Answer / rajan

show ipx traffic

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Answer / carl roa

B. show ipx traffic

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hi friends i am jitendera kumar sinha.i have a question in mind that what is the diffrence between router and l3 switch i serched on google and found that switch L3 is best in lan and router are best in wan and switch are more faster then router.beside that any short of technical diffrence if you body know then plz plz and plz reply. my 2nd question is that why we canot replace router with L3 switches (donot tell that it is costly then router).i want any technical cause. this is 1 am hope in noon when ever i logg again i will find the answer posted by you. thanks onse again plz pzl make reply thanks jitendera kumar sinha

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