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Write a testcase for Yes/No combo box

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Write a testcase for Yes/No combo box..

Answer / ramya c.r.

Default Status - Combo Box should be blank

Click on the combo Box - It should display the 1. Yes
2. No items in the List.

Select Yes / No - Selected item should display in the Combo

Try to type something in the combo box - It should not
accept any value in the combo box.

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Write a testcase for Yes/No combo box..

Answer / umesh sharma

Combo Box

1.On click on the downward arrow it should be expand.
2.Combo box should contain the options Yes/No
3.After selecting the Yes or No box should be shorten and
contain the selected option.

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Write a testcase for Yes/No combo box..

Answer / thuy vu thanh

I want to write testcase for combo box but I can't.Can you
help me,Please.Thanks

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Write a testcase for Yes/No combo box..

Answer / yskumar

Apart from the above mentioned test cases you can also check
for 'consistency' in the under-lying layer like boolean
variable , db column etc to capture the UI element in the

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