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"A" is a Registered Dealer of Maharastra State,
"B" is a Registered Dealer of Gujrat state and agent of "A",
"C" is a Registered Dealer of Gujrat State.

"C" ordered "A" to sand goods of certain specification. "A"
in his term issues good to "B" to make such goods in the
specification desired by "C"."C" sands such goods to "A".
"A" raises invoices to "C".

Which type of Sale transactions occured in the situation.

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"A" is a Registered Dealer of Maharastra State, "B" is a Registered Dealer of G..

Answer / hamsa

As far as my knowledge concern,

'A' sold to 'C' goods with specifications and in this process 'A' gave sub contract to 'B' for customization of goods as specified by 'C'. 'A' raised the bill against 'C'.

That means this is a ' interstate sales ' between A (Maharashtra) and C (Gujarat) and hence CST will be applicable on this transaction.

With respect to the subcontract between A and B that is a Works contract tax will be applicable.

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"A" is a Registered Dealer of Maharastra State, "B" is a Registered Dealer of G..

Answer / h.r. sreepada bhagi

Question is confusing - C has ordered the goods, how can he
send goods to A & A can send invoice to C. Any how let me

As you have mentioned, B has manufactured the goods as an
agent. Since the inputs (As I understand from your question)
are sent by A to B (It's an interstate stock transfer of
Input materials), B is doing jobwork for B and he does not
become the owner of the goods manufactured by him. Here
since A is the owner, he needs to raise the sales invoice on
C and and since A & C are in different states, it is an
Interstate transaction and CST should be charged. For the
sake of convenience & savings in money, goods can be sent
directly from B to C with appropriate documents.

There will be no sale transaction between A & C or B & C.
In the absence of clarity in the question, giving the
correct answer is also difficult.

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