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in tally software payroll vouchers option is there for what
purpose it is used ? please tell me friends.

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the selling price of a prouduct of vintex limited inclusive of basic excise duty 16% and education cess 2% and SAH cess 1% is rs 3002. find the assessable unit of prouduct?

1 Answers  

Purchase a goods from venkat for cash,it should be credited to Whom

9 Answers   TCS, Wipro,

what is SEC?

5 Answers   Genpact,

my question is I am finance student I want to know which type of the question are asked by the interwier in interview.

0 Answers   CA,

in reply of sreedapa answer ,suppose for the m/o march telephone expense is Rs.800 and for the m/o april Rs.200 For this we will pass tthis entry : Telephone expenses Dr 800 To Tel expenses payable 800 Telephone Expenses Payable Dr 800 to Bank/cash 800 (For the m/o march) And for the m/o april, we will make the provision in the m/o March Telephone expenses Dr. 200 To Telephone Expenses Payable 200 Plz advice

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The owner of the consignment stock is________ (a) Consignor (b) Consignee (c) Debtors (d) None

4 Answers  

In which book of prime entry would the vat output Vat on credit sale be recorded?

2 Answers   Digitals India security, Genpact, Marketing Sales, SSIL,

what is Sundary Debtor and sundary creditor.

5 Answers  

what is the meaning of receivables and payable?

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List out some of the examples for liability accounts?

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if salary paid per month rs. 28000/- i will deduct tds from his salary please what i will do explain

1 Answers   Apollo,

The balance sheet prepared for a

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