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Difference between manual and automation?

Explain me test cases?How to write test cases??Give some
examples of test cases?

is anybody here who has 2 years manual testing experience..

difference between black box and white box testing

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Difference between manual and automation? Explain me test cases?How to write test cases??Give som..

Answer / n@n!

manual testing:

1)manual testing requires less initial effort
2)testing the application manually
3)it takes much time to delever the application
4)per head cost is high and it requires high human resource
5)there is no usage of software,so cost of manual testing
is less

automation testing:

1)automation testing requires high initial effort
2)testing the application by using different tools
3)it take less time to delever the module
4)per head cost is high but it take less human resource
5)for automation some special software's required to run
the application,so cost of the licence software is very
very high.

test case: it is the procress of what to test?wat data to
be given?wat actions do u taken for getting expected result
againest actual result is called test case.
test case is of four types:
1)user interface

white box testing/logical testing: it was done by
white box testing is of 3 types
1)unit testing
2)module testing
3)integration testing

unit testing:in unit testing developers test the below
depending upon program flow diagrams developers prepare
test cases

integration testing: in integration testing developers test
the connection between the modules, data floe between the
modules, control flow between the modules.
integration testing is of two types
1)application integration
2)database integration

balck box testing/system testing:
it was done by test is the procress of finding
bugs to make sure that the application is working under
customer expectations.
balck box testing is of following types
1)user interface
4)non functional

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Difference between manual and automation? Explain me test cases?How to write test cases??Give som..

Answer / ferdinands jo

1.1 Manual Testing: We are going to check the application
by manualy and its nothing but a Functional Testing(Check
the functionality of the application & 2 Types Functonality
and sanitation Testing) & Bascicaly Manual Testing = Test
case( Design Test Case, writing test case and Excuting a
test case), (Cost - Resourse - Time)- High & Quality - Low
1.2 Automation Testing: We are going to test the
application with some automation Tppl like Winrunner,
QTP...etc, Its nothing but we can do it by two types of
testing like Functional testing like manual as well as
Regression Testing(We are going to test the application
until the defect is going to solve the from that
product/project/unit...etc)(Cost(Initialy High) - Resourse -
Time)- Low & Quality - High
2. Test Case is nothing but a document and how we are going
to test the application based on the senario thats is
nothing but Test Case. Its conatin somany Templets Test
Case Id, Test Case Description, Test Case Senario, Test
Steps, Actual Result, Expected Result and Summary abt Test
Case. For Exambel Take a Pen
Test Case id, Test case, Test Senario Senario, Test Step,
Tc_001_Pen writing 1. Main Function abt 1. Take pen
Test Case working like we can cap
abt TC write it the paper r/no3.write.paper
r not
AR, ER, Summary.
It should right It should not write Test Case Fail
like ink is not their

So based upon the senarion we need to write a test case and
excute by manualy iself.

Black Back Testing Weight Box Testing
1 Functional Oriented 1Structure&Logical Orited
2.Testing side -DOing by 2 Development side - done by Doing
3. BVA, ECP, EG- TC Desing Tecnic 3. Basic path, Control
structure, Loop & Data Flow - use this we can reduce the
test case in weight Box Testing.

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