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whether non payment of due leave is unauhorised deduction from
wages or not?

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what is the full meaning of LLB

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Would your social life shows effect on your work commitment?

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If original f-form is not available what the provision about central sales tax

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Do you think that anyone should be able to serve on a jury?

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which perquisite is exempted from tax ?

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What is Assessment Year?

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How do you think the House of Lords should be reformed?

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H Forms Issue Yearly or Quarterly?

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are unique disclosures made in the financial statement notes ? if so why?

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what are the general requirements ( legal ) to start a small bussiness like cafe in tamilnadu?

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Fill in the blank Income tax act-----------

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Smith sees Jones walking towards the edge of a cliff. Smith knows Jones is blind, but doesn't like him, so allows him to walk off the edge. Is this murder?

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