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what is inflation

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what is inflation..

Answer / richa

inflation is increase in price of products & decrease in
value of money.

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what is inflation..

Answer / manoj mahanta

OK..Let me explain it in a simple way...

If I hv purchased a thing @ Rs.100 this year, n getting the
same thing @ Rs.105 next year, then the inflation rate here
is 5%.

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what is inflation..

Answer / sthita

It is the increase in the price of the goods and services
over a period of time.It caused by either increase in the
money supply or decrease in the quantity of goods being

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what is inflation..

Answer / krishna

inflation is the percentage of increase in average price of
product. if the price of the product decrease the inflation
will comedown and when the price of this product increase
then the inflation will increase.

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what is inflation..

Answer / pavan

inflation is sudden increase in the prices of the
commodities.. it is created bcoz of low supply in the market

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what is inflation..

Answer / newton

inflation occur due to less production of quantity that is
why the neceessary commodities increase.

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