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why would you like to opt nbp

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Short Answer on _____________Whole Sale Trade

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what is indirect tax?

48 Answers   Capital IQ,

what is amortisation of intangible assets?

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while doing work in dolphin software when credit note is given by supplier to purchaser then purchaser is debited supplier account so on credit side which account is coming which account should be credited

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Can anyone tell me that when we purchases a fixed asset like Machinery its our capital Expenditure and after acquetion of this assets the expenses like unloading loading, and some other parts for reparing purchase for this in which account i have to enter.

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explain purchase cycle?

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Purchase book is a ----------journal

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Explain PRICE RATE and also COST RATE.

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what are types of cost? categorise these cost specially those which are relates to financial managment. and which cost should be consider during management.

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Raj & Raj Ltd purchased a machinery on 01.01.1996 for Rs.88,000.The life of the machine estimated to be 5 Yrs.It was calculated that the old machinery would fetch Rs.8000 at the end of its useful was decided to replace the machinery at the end of the 5th year by setting up depreciation fund and invest the annual depreciation (along with interest earned each year) in gilt edged securities carrying interest at 5% p.a. At the end of the 5th Year the securities were sold for Rs.9000.As per the sinking fund table Rs.14,478 is to be invested every year.A new machine was purchased on 01.01.2001 for Rs.1,00,000.pass the journal entries and show the ledger accounts

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what are the methods used to allocate support costs?

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