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which is the largest exhibition ground in asia

which is the largest exhibition ground in asia..

Answer / haindavi

Auto Expo 2008 jointly organzide by ACMA,CII,SIAM covering
more than 1,20,000 sqmt area

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2.) The payment P(n) that a person receives is a function of the day n. If P(n) = 2 × P(n - 1) and the person receives Rs.12 on the day two, then what is the total payment received by a person for 10 days starting from the day one

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A boy asks the relation of two people walking along the street. One of them says that the lady walking with him is the daughter of his mother's only son. What is the relation between the two people?

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12.05 x 5.4 ? 0.3 = ? (a) 108.55 (b) 216.90 (c) 118.45 (d) 118.55 (e) None of these

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I have applied for IOb and APGVB Recruitment.Can anyone pls send me the Aptitude Questions For Bank Recruitments

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