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why pointer is not used in java?

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why pointer is not used in java?..

Answer / malligontla

The Java Language the referencing and dereferencing of
objects is handled for you automatically. Java does not
allow you to manipulate pointers or memory addresses of any
kind. It does not allow you to cast object or array
references into integers and It does not allow you to do
pointer arithmetic. It does not allow you to compute the
size in bytes of any primitive type or object. There are two
reasons for these restrictions:

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why pointer is not used in java?..

Answer / arun

Java is the language best known for its security
features.Programmer cannot find the physical address of any
variable or object at any case in java and prevents the
programmer or user from accessing the physical address.Hence
if java provide the advantage(disadvantage) of using
pointers in programs there is chance of getting lot of
security flaw, so java does not support pointers.

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why pointer is not used in java?..

Answer / cmadhu2008

Java language have pointer but controlled by itself not to
do any thing by programmer,if it was be available then
security will be break that's why

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