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78 identical cubes each with 2 cm edge are joined together
to form a cuboid. If the perimeter of the base of the
cuboid is 64 cm, then the number of cubes along the height
of the cuboid is

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78 identical cubes each with 2 cm edge are joined together to form a cuboid. If the perimeter of t..

Answer / arthi

78=2*3*13, so to form a perfect cuboid the number of cubes on each side will be: 2,3,13

Since each cube has an edge of 2 cm, the dimensions of cuboid in cm will be: 4,6,26

so the perimeter of each of the sides will be 2(a+b) :

the base has perimeter 64, so the edges on the base are 6 and 26.

Therefore, the edge that is horizontal will be 4 cm, and thus the height is 4 cm.

I think I have explained well. Please leave a comment below if you want more explanation.

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78 identical cubes each with 2 cm edge are joined together to form a cuboid. If the perimeter of t..

Answer / hellboy


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